​Phil Mollicone, Graduate Engineer, Mouchel Infrastructure Services

What do you do?

I’m a graduate engineer with Mouchel infrastructure services. I’m mainly involved in designing and inspecting structures such as retaining walls and bridges.

Why Mouchel for you?

Mouchel is a growing company with great opportunities for career development and lots of interesting work to get stuck in to. While I work mainly in the office, I get a lot of opportunities to get out on site which I really enjoy.

What gives you a buzz?

I like that I am able to really take ownership of designs right through from conception to seeing them in the ground, seeing my design solutions in reality.

Developing professionally?

Yes, I’m enrolled on Mouchel’s ICE training agreement which gives me the opportunity to build on my academic qualifications while working towards my next qualification. Mouchel is really supportive of my ongoing development with senior staff happy to set aside time to help graduates and trainees.

Daily nitty-gritty?

My work is very varied. Most days I am in the office, working on lots of projects at different stages. I frequently get to go out on to sites all over Scotland.

Feeling supported?

I get great support from my colleagues, they are always happy to assist me and help me learn. Everyone here is very pleasant and there is a great friendly atmosphere in the office.

Balanced lifestyle?

Yes, with Mouchel I’m able to have a challenging and exciting career while still being able to devote time to my personal life.

Making a difference?

I’ve been really lucky to work on a range of projects, big and small and it’s great to know that my work has a positive impact on people and the environment.

Rewarded and recognised?

It’s still early in my career, but I’ve been treated well by Mouchel. I can see that there are lots of career opportunities available with hard work.