Mouchel - Helping communities thrive

At Mouchel, our vision is to be recognised as an exceptional infrastructure consultancy.

Our priority is the safety and well-being of our people and all those impacted by the projects and services that we deliver.

We use our expertise to innovate, develop, design and manage the infrastructure solutions that communities depend on to thrive – safe drinking water, cleaner rivers and beaches, safer and better transportation, renewable energy and a sustainable built and natural environment.

We are proud of our well-earned reputation for working collaboratively with our clients and partners to ensure success.

We cover the full infrastructure lifecycle including:

We support a broad base of private and public sector clients with consultancy and service based solutions such as:

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, partners, suppliers and other organisations to maximise value, improve safety and environmental performance, routinely collaborating across our own business streams, working in alliances and in joint ventures to provide a competitive advantage in everything we do to the benefit of the real customers.

We have offices in the UK, Republic of Ireland, and Middle East which provide hubs for our 2,300 employees and our delivery partners.

Our team is diverse in both background and skills and we seek people who act with integrity, who have the desire to innovate, improve, promote excellence and take responsibility - traits underpinned by our core values of enthusiasm, collaboration and forward-thinking.

We thrive because of the talent, energy, knowledge, experience, technical excellence and dedication of our people.