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Partners and suppliers

Partners-and-suppliersWhy this is important to us

Mouchel works with more than 1,000 approved suppliers and subcontractors and collaborates in joint venture partnerships with many clients and partners to deliver its diverse range of services. By using the breadth and depth of these collaborations Mouchel can maximise opportunities to find quicker, cheaper, safer and better ways to deliver services.

Read more about how we are working in partnership with our suppliers

Our approach

Wherever possible, Mouchel establishes company-wide arrangements for core services and works with suppliers to improve efficiency and value for money. It operates national contracts with suppliers of its vehicle fleet, recruitment, IT, occupational health services and office supplies. In addition, a number of joint ventures have been established with other private sector companies to extend its service offer vertically or horizontally to meet particular client requirements.

Find out more about how we are engaging with our suppliers.

Mouchel appointed a new Head of Group Procurement in February 2011, with the remit of building a central procurement function and delivering significant savings. The procurement team works closely with Mouchel's contract teams to reduce the number of suppliers, to negotiate higher value corporate agreements and to support bids in negotiating the best possible deal with key partners.

This new role is important to Mouchel and will bring a clear line of sight between our customers and suppliers, and ensure that the Group has a consistent and systematic approach to driving maximum value from its supply relationships going forward. 

Our performance (for the year ended 31 July 2011)

During the year we have put in place the resources to facilitate progress going forward, however we have not yet developed measures for this area and will provide futher information in due course.

To see how we are progressing across the full range of indicators please visit the performance section and view our three-year performance summary.

Progress against our commitments

Commitment: Agree common sustainability objectives with major suppliers
2010/2012 ObjectivesOur progress so farWhat’s next?
Launch online vendor approval process/database to include new sustainability prequalification criteria for key suppliers.We have reviewed and extended our criteria for approving vendors on the management of sustainability issues and, have begun to work with our software providers to develop new online approval systems.We will launch new online vendor approval systems as part of wider supplier engagement programme headed by our new Group Procurement Function.
Carry out an annual sustainability review with major suppliers to measure and benchmark supplier sustainability performance.We’ve recently appointed a new Head of Procurement and established a Group Procurement function whose priorities during the year included identifying efficiency savings across our supply base.In the coming year this new function will establish improved risk-based CSR protocols for suppliers and develop appropriate benchmarks for ongoing supplier performance monitoring.