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Efficiency and innovation

Efficiency-and-innovationWhy this is important to us

Going forward, the UK public sector will focus on efficiency, value for money, improved asset use and remodelling of public services to balance long-term budgetary constraints with rising public expectations.

Our approach

Mouchel’s ability to combine strategic advisory and transformational services with advanced technological capabilities coupled with its established track record as a delivery partner is fundamental to its client offer and equips it to build a business of value to shareholders and to society. It is a clear selling point for the Group and remains central to its business model.

Read more about internal efficiency measures and efficiency through innovation

Our performance (for the year ending 31 July 2011)

Group-wide efficiency measures implemented during the year have resulted in £37.5m savings to Mouchel. We are confident that the processes we have introduced within our supply base will identify further efficiencies.

To see how we are progressing across the full range of indicators please visit the performance section and view our three-year performance summary.

Progress against our commitments

Commitment: Increased focus on efficiency and innovation
2010/2012 ObjectivesOur progress so farWhat’s next?
Continue to grow innovation forums within our Operating Groups; communicating outputs to the wider business.In developmentIn development
Measure, benchmark and review adoption levels of innovation opportunities; establish indicators to measure ongoing performance.In developmentIn development