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Client satisfaction

Client-satisfactionWhy this is important to us

Long-term partnerships are the foundation of Mouchel’s business – so the need to build and maintain strong relationships with clients is of great importance. Some of the Group’s client relationships extend beyond 30 years and this has given us a deeper understanding of their needs – helping us to deliver projects and services that exceed expectations.

Our approach

Improving the ways in which we serve clients – and their customers – while ensuring satisfaction requires an intimate knowledge of their working environment, their priorities and aspirations.

Mouchel regularly collects feedback at both the project/service and client level using a variety of techniques, including feedback forms and, for larger accounts, face-to-face independent client surveys.

Read more about how we work to understand client needs.

All of Mouchel’s businesses are certified to ISO 9001 for quality management and this provides the framework for its client satisfaction process. During the 2009/10 financial year we successfully transferred our registration under the revised standard ISO 9001:2008 following external audit by Lloyds Quality Register Assurance.

Read more about the key areas of concern for our clients, data security.

Our performance (for the year ending 31 July 2011)

Our client feedback process is aligned to a number of key performance indictors, including timeliness and quality of delivery, budget management, innovation and safety and environmental performance. During the year ending 31 July 2011, average client satisfaction index across the Group rose by 2% to 82%.

To see how we are progressing across the full range of indicators please visit the performance section and view our three-year performance summary.

Progress against our commitments

Exceeding Client expectations
2010/2012 ObjectivesOur progress so farWhat’s next?
Roll-out revised client account management processes to all key client accounts. We have undertaken a further review of our client account management structures and processes during the year and now have appropriate measures in place to satisfy all key client needs. tbc 
Maintain ISO 9001 accreditation for all core business activities.We have achieved continued registration to ISO 9001 for all core business activities during the year. In 2011 we also brought a number of independently-certified joint venture partnerships under our Group certificate, including the Impact and Unity Partnerships in the North West.We will continue to extend the scope of our ISO 9001 certification as a result of new business activities and contracts. In 2012 we will work with clients to certify our Local Authority operations with Bournemouth Borough Council and highways technology operations with joint venture partners Thalis. 
Achieve ISO 27001 accreditation for data protection processes and systems for priority client contracts.We have developed an information security management system, which has successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification at our data centre in Byfleet, Surrey.We will continue to monitor client requirements for introducing ISO 27001 compliant systems within specific contracts; working with them – where necessary – to achieve certification.
Commitment: Develop a deeper understanding of client sustainability aspirations
2010/2012 ObjectivesOur progress so farWhat’s next?
Develop and include key sustainability review questions within client relationship management processes.We have introduced sustainability-led questions within our client feedback processes and have consistently scored around eight out of ten for our approach to safety, health, quality and environmental management.We will introduce extended criteria within our client feedback process in the coming year, to encourage further client debate around community engagement activities and diversity/equality issues.
Commitment: Influencing stakeholder attitudes towards sustainability
2010/2012 ObjectivesOur progress so farWhat’s next?
Incorporate ‘sustainability’ into all marketing plans.We have completed a full review of our business development collateral and have updated key website information and stakeholder documents.In 2012 we will review our sustainability strategy and set new objectives and targets. Once agreed, we will update our marketing plans to reflect any new areas of focus.
Participate in major UK industry sustainability award schemes.During the year we participated in a number of industry ‘best practice’ award schemes, achieving first place in [what]. See Environmental Management section.