The current ‘energy trilemma’ – the challenge of keeping the lights on at an affordable price while decarbonising the power system – is acknowledged as a priority by all major political parties.

Mouchel has been involved in Energy since the 1920s when we delivered commissions in power station design. We now work in a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, power and energy, and carbon management.

Our Energy expertise covers the full life cycle of projects from due diligence to decommissioning in both onshore and offshore, including liquefied natural gas (LNG) marine terminal facilities where we have delivered design and supervision projects in the Middle East. We have also completed numerous street lighting energy efficiency projects in the Highways market.

Mouchel delivers innovative, value-for-money environmental solutions for its clients. Our activity in power spans traditional generation and renewables, storage, transmission and distribution, working with clients including Scottish Power, Eirgrid and WINGAS.

The focus on developing renewable generation sources and carbon reduction has provided us with the opportunity to grow our expertise. Our clients include local authorities and renewable developers in wind, photovoltaic, biomass and waste to energy projects. The establishment of the Carbon Management Centre with Bournemouth Borough Council is an example of a partnership approach addressing globally important issues.

Our expertise in unconventional gas enables clients to progress projects through obtaining the necessary permits and consents, ensuring stewardship of the environment and innovative engineering solutions in such infrastructure projects.

Focused on client outcomes, we apply our skills and expertise in three principal areas:

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Ensuring a high standard of quality and safety at Um Al Aish LPG plant

In the Middle East there is no gas distribution network, so gas supply is by bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). LPG is a versatile, clean and alternative lower carbon energy source.

The Um…

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  Featured project

Providing environmental expertise for sustainable energy

Fauch Hill Sustainable Energy (FHSE), a subsidiary of European Forest Resources Group, proposed to develop a Section 36 wind farm (>50MW) in a moorland area close to West Calder, West Lothian in Scotland.


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