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Northern Ireland Water

Providing accurate data and water asset management

When Northern Ireland (NI) Water was established as a government-owned company in 2007, it inherited a number of challenges resulting from underinvestment in its water and sewerage assets and the information systems that support them. At the time, NI Water was investing around £2m per week maintaining services. To ensure that the investment was being targeted in the right way NI Water needed accurate, high-quality data on the thousands of water and wastewater treatment works and pumping stations that provide services to its 780,000 customers. 

Mouchel was awarded an 18-month contract in 2012 to deliver the £2.25m Asset Data Acquisition and Inventory (ADAI) project – the largest single asset management project commissioned by NI Water and a key building block in enabling the company to deliver the maximum level of customer service at the lowest sustainable cost.

Dealing with data

We carried out extensive asset data surveys on over 3,200 water and wastewater facilities across NI. Next, our survey teams aligned existing asset data with the NI Water Corporate Asset Register by collecting missing data, tagging assets and undertaking condition assessments. We then collated, processed and quality assured the data before uploading it to NI Water’s live Asset Register. With so many operational sites to be accessed, careful planning and coordination with staff was essential to both ensure safety and efficiency when collecting the data.

Bringing benefits

NI Water recognised that, as well as our technical and project management skills, the positive attitude and constructive approach adopted by our team throughout the project were critical in helping them to improve the quality of their asset data while increasing their levels of customer service.

Other benefits in NI Water asset data quality resulting from the ADAI project included: increased efficiency of maintenance operations; improved customer service by reducing unnecessary risks to customer supply or water quality; and reduced risk of pollution incidents. 



Asset Data Acquisition and Inventory (ADAI) project