We are working towards achieving the lowest carbon footprint possible, across all areas of our business, while working closely with our clients to develop sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Government targets continue to drive our clients further towards lower-carbon solutions and we are using our skills and knowledge in this area to help reduce emissions associated with their services and assets.

Reducing our emissions

Our commitment and dedication to reducing carbon emissions was recognised with the Best Absolute Carbon Reduction award from the Carbon Trust in October 2014, demonstrating our ongoing reduction in our overall carbon footprint.

We have put straightforward and achievable measures in place to ensure a continual reduction for the future including setting achievable targets that require us to reduce utilities consumption and business-related travel emissions.

Read more in our Carbon emissions report 2013/14 (PDF)

A sustainable travel strategy

Our Sustainable Travel Strategy sets out how we aim to reduce emissions across our business including:

We believe that reducing our carbon footprint means engaging with our employees and encouraging a positive attitude to sustainability regardless of role. Since 2011, we’ve been successful in cutting our emissions from business travel and office energy – an achievement due mostly to employees’ continued efforts to “think sustainably” when planning their business travel and in championing greener office practices wherever possible.